SAIDE & OER Africa

On my travels around the world I have often found myself working with some truly inspiring organisations. One of these is SAIDE, the South African Institute for Distance Education, who I met with more than one occasion in Johannesburg. This is an organization that is truly committed to transforming education and training through a focus on the adoption of open learning principles and distance education methods.

SAIDE do not think small! One of their key aims is to:

Support programmes in sound and innovative course design, materials development, learner support, management, and the use of technology, particularly for large scale provision.

They given powerful substance to their principles with the launch of a site dedicated to the provision of OER resources for education across the continent of Africa – OER Africa. With special areas of focus – teacher education, health, agriculture and skills development – this is a great resource built on the assumptions of openness.

A quick search for 'professional development' threw up some 237 references, and I could see a rich harvest of ideas and materials even in the first two of three pages of results.

Definitely worth a look!