Educa ‘Online’ Debate

There’s an interesting clash of views taking place in a debate at Educa Online tomorrow (Thursday 29 November, 2012).

In the red corner, Jef Staes, author of My Organisation is a Jungle, and Donald Clark, of the UK’s University for Industry, will lead an assault on diplomas and degrees, arguing they are becoming redundant. As Staes argues, the educational structure was:

….created in an era of information scarcity. Knowledge was the privilege of insiders, the rich, the smart, the powerful. This knowledge reinforced their status within society and within this structure.

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet and advances in technology, information is becoming democratised and,

….these foundations are slowly crumbling.

In the blue corner we have Sue Martin, Global Certification Director, SAP Education, and Kirstie Donnelly, of UK City & Guilds. Sue Martin argues:

….the importance of sound and reliable competency benchmarks for industry cannot be emphasised enough. A ban on diplomas and degrees would eliminate an important and tangible deliverable of our education system.

I have to say I like a quote from Staes:

….for people without passion, information has no value….everyone is born with different passions and talents, but the way our education system is organised results in our current generation of sheep.

This is a debate I would like to hear and see. Pity there seems to be no plans to stream it to a wider audience. Educa online?