Scottish Open Education Declaration

Open education can promote knowledge transfer while at the same time enhancing quality and sustainability, supporting social inclusion, and creating a culture of inter-institutional collaboration and sharing.  In addition, open education can expand access to education, widen participation, create new opportunities for the next generation of teachers and learners and prepare them to become fully engaged digital citizens.

This is take from the early part of the Scottish Open Education Declaration, an attempt to build on UNESCO’s Paris OER Declaration by focusing not just on open educational resources but by affirming the wider significance of education too. In the democratic spirit of the declaration itself this is, if course, an initial attempt at the statement and it is open to any and all comment before it is finalised.

Go and have your say!

The Declaration has been drawn up jointly by CETIS, SQA, JISC RSC Scotland and ALT Scotland, and it  is line with the European Commision’s Opening Up Education initiative.