Reading in the Mobile Era

Reading in the Mobile Era
Reading in the Mobile Era

I have been reading through the findings of a great report published earlier this year by UNESCO: Reading in the Mobile Era. I am working on a longer post on mobile learning more generally, which I will publish in the next day or two, but I want to promote this report and offer its own summary of findings.

  1. Mobile reading opens up new pathways to literacy for marginalized groups, particularly women and girls, and others who may not have access to paper books.
  2. People use mobile devices to read to children, thereby supporting literacy acquisition and other forms of learning.
  3. People seem to enjoy reading more and read more often when they use mobile devices to access text.
  4. People read on mobile devices for identifiable reasons that can be promoted to encourage mobile reading.
  5. Most mobile readers are young, yet people of various ages are capable of using mobile technology to access long-form reading material. More can be done to encourage older people to use technology as a portal to text.
  6. Current mobile readers tend to have completed more schooling than is typical.
  7. There appears to be a demand for mobile reading platforms with text in local languages, level-appropriate text and text written by local authors.

Definitely worth a read if you have an interest in the subject. That last finding is so important!