Don’t Diss Media Studies

Neil Postman, of Teaching As A Subversive Activity fame, noted in a talk uploaded to Youtube:

.…if we had in this country serious.…media literacy, media education, media studies, whatever you would call it, beginning in the earliest grades and going on right through university I think we could develop a population of knowledgeable people with the perspective on media and technology that would be very useful for civil life. Now, if that doesn’t happen then.….we turn our national civic life over to Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner.…

Given recent events here relating to the UK print media, Postman gives the lie to those on the right who decry subjects such as media studies as ‘soft’ or ‘easy’.

The real point of course is the power that the universities wield over the qualifications necessary to get into higher education — that they bear little reality to the requirements of life in the 21st century is obviously neither here nor there to them.