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I Am Learner

We are an education and technology consultancy based in Scotland, working on every continent in the world.
We bring experience, expertise and passion to everything that we do for clients.

Robotical & Marty the Robot

We are Training Partners for ROBOTICAL, creators of Marty the Robot. Email us to discuss a demo/workshop for Marty the Robot.

Trusted Digital Education Advisers

Highly knowledgeable about major technology trends impacting on education into the future.


We offer training events for teachers from across Europe through the School Education Gateway HERE and HERE on ERASMUS+ (KA1 Mobility).
Our PIC # is 905555432

Learning Platform Consultants

Digital technology is transforming educational landscapes - we consult in the design of large-scale learning platforms.

Research Reports

We produce major reports written to specification for international clients across many critical education and technology issues.

Network Strategy & Architecture

Global experience in creating and developing national network architectures to support learning for all educational sectors.

We are an ethical and open consultancy that puts the needs of learners, teachers, clients and partners first.

Our background is education!
Our motivation is education!


We provide depth and breadth of expertise & experience - and we reach across Scotland, the UK and the World.

We are a Training Partner for


Creators of the Amazing

Marty the Robot
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Who is Marty?
  • - A proper walking robot you can build for yourself
  • - Code with Python, Scratch, Javascript & ROS
  • - Expandable with Raspberry Pi and a camera
  • - WiFi connected, with 9 controllable motors, force sensing, an accelerometer and 8 GPIO ports
Robotical website
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Marty is expandabble


Our work has included: development of pedagogies, games-based learning, educational research, teacher education & professional development, education in the developing world, national and regional education strategies, national digital and networking strategies in education, teacher and administrator workshops, learning/collaborative platform development (approaches, strategies, architectures, implementation, project management), high level educational network and infrastructure design, business development for tech startups, technology commercialization, event organization.

Glow: the world's first national digital platform for all Scottish schools

John Connell initiated and led the Glow Programme, the world's first national connected schools platform, from inception through consultation, design, procurement and early implementation. Today Glow still leads the world, bringing eLearning, digital content, educational applications, collaboration, and a national sense of community to all students, teachers and parents across every school in Scotland.

Contact us to discuss Digital Platforms. Email I Am Learner

Grandma's Games: Global Award for Innovative Use of Classroom Technology

Marina Connell used old forgotten kids games and developed digital games to bridge the gap between traditional culture and technology. Her unique approach recognised the power of play as a great tool for knowledge transfer and as a form of personal development for every learner. The learning strategy derived from Grandma's Games was awarded a Global prize by Microsoft in 2011.
Read about this on Microsoft VP Anthony Salcito's blog.

Contact us to discuss Game-Based Learning. Email I Am Learner

UNESCO: Designing & Building Digital Platforms for Teacher Education

I Am Learner partnered UNESCO in a major project whose aim was to design and create digital learning platforms for teacher education institutions in 9 African countries. The platforms enabled the delivery of professional development courses for teachers & student teachers by distance learning. This involved working directly in Namibia and Ethiopia to agree requirements, and also offering a platform-design workshop in Paris.

Contact us to discuss Distance Learning. Email I Am Learner

Supporting Governments to Create National Digital Learning Strategies

We have worked in all education sectors across the world to shape digital learning strategies designed to meet the needs of 21st century teachers and learners. We conduct workshops with Goverments, Ministries, universities and NGOs to help them shape their own unique requirements. We offer a real-world understanding of how to fuse innovative pedagogies and digital technologies successfully for a truly future-proofed education.

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Research Report on the State of Teacher Education Across the Developing World

We are specialists in teacher education and teacher professional development. We conducted research into the current state of teacher education across the developing world (including South Africa, Nepal, Cambodia & India) on behalf the Maitri Trust, an Edinburgh-based philanthropic organization. The research focused on the critical need to increase the throughput of fully-qualified and high-quality teachers across so many parts of the world.

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We are a training partner for ROBOTICAL, creators of the innovative Marty the Robot

Marty has a friendly face, but he's also a powerful platform for learning, giving kids a fun and hands-on experience with coding, robotics & engineering.
Simple yet sophisticated, Marty is the price of a smart toy but has the features of a real robot. You can start to program him with Scratch, then use Python, JavaScript and even a Raspberry Pi + ROS.
Marty is a proper Walking Robot with Legs & Feet. With 9 Servo Motors and built-in sensors, Marty does much more than just roll around!

Contact us to discuss Marty the Robot. Email I Am Learner


The I Am Learner team combines more than 60 years of working for real educational and technological progress across the world. We are educators who understand the transformative powers of the digital and networking technologies for learning and for social and economic development. Likewise, our international partners bring a rich vein of bith educational and business experience to I Am Learner's work, focusing on transformation, commercialization, smart cities, global funding opportunities and the 4th Industrial Revolution.
John has been a teacher, headteacher (school principal), local government officer, major project director (for Glow, Scotland's national connected schools programme), business development manager, & national digital learning strategist across Emerging Markets.

John Connell

Joint Managing Director
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Marina has proven educational transformation skills and experience of diverse cultural needs across the Balkan Region and Europe. She was a senior consultant in government team in Macedonia that developed National Digital Learning Strategies and Platforms for Education. She brings high academic values to the team.

Dr Marina Connell

Joint Managing Director
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A highly experienced ICT Specialist with many successes in the fields of consulting, project management and lecturing. Very broad technical base with particular expertise in the creation and development of ICT systems in education and a detailed knowledge of IT Architectures as applied to education

Jim Buchan

Technical Director
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I Am Learner is privileged to have strong and highly experienced education and business partners both in Europe and in the USA. Our partners work across the public, private and third sectors.
The Transformation Society provides consulting worldwide in education, communication, and organisational transformation, with special expertise in dealing with complexity. Co-founders Neus Lorenzo and Ray Gallon also collaborate with the Information 4.0 Consortium to foster humanist vision in technology development.

The Transformation Society

Global Partner, based in France and Spain
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With affiliate offices across the world, Blacklin Associates can bring impact as an extension of your existing team to optimize current business or to create new opportunities through proven methodologies in developed and emerging markets.

Blacklin Associates

Global Partner, based in the USA
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Jochen Berbuer brings unique benefits of a consultancy network of some of the very best senior technical sales managers in the ICT industry to your organization. He has 30+ years experience in ICT and consultative selling. He has operated internationally since 1986.

GoToMarket SmartCity Solution

Global Partner, based in Germany
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