My Education

Formal Education

MA (Hons) Politics     University of Edinburgh 1979

PGCE     Craigie College (now part of West of Scotland University) 1980

MEd     University of Aberdeen 1990

MBA      University of Edinburgh 2000


Informal Education

I have met and worked with too many inspiring people to be able to name them all here but I have learned most in my life from other people (immeasurably more than I ever learned from school, college or university).

After people, the other great influence in my life has been books. Again, I have read and taken pleasure from and learned so much from more books than I could ever list here, but in terms of those that have influenced me with respect to education, technology and philosophy, I would say the following have been and are important to me:

Letter to a Teacher: the School of Barbiana

Deschooling Society &  Tools for Conviviality Ivan Illich

Education and the Significance of Life Jiddu Krishnamurti

Pedagogy of the Oppressed & Pedagogy of Freedom Paulo Freire

Education, Dialogue and Hermeneutics Paul Fairfield (ed)

Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas Seymour Papert

Being Digital Nicholas Negroponte

Creating a Learning Society Joseph Stiglitz & Bruce Greenwald

The Philosophy of Praxis Adolfo Sanchez Vazquez

Arguably Christopher Hitchens