Digital Technology in Education

Infrastructure & Network Design • Platforms & Devices for Learning • Digital Pedagogy • Web 2.0 & Social Media in Education

Networks for Learning

John has worked across all education sectors to shape networks designed to meet the needs of 21st century teachers and learners. He worked on designs (at the insfrastructural and pedagogical levels) for universities in the Gulf and in Latin America, as well as connected schools projects in Kuwait, Lebanon, Azerbaijan & Romania. Read: Why an Education Network is Different

Tech Trends

For many years, John as written and commented on the major technology trends in education across the world, sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes sceptically, always objectively. Read, for example a blog post on: The Internet of Education Things Another on: Makerspaces And another on The relationship between technology and pedagogy

Education in the Cloud

Education is moving inexorably to the cloud. It is not simply the technology that is more and more cloud-based; the fact is that, although they may not use the term, most young people today live substantial parts of their lives in the cloud - making and keeping friendships, searching for information, playing games, and of course learning. The world of education, at every level from the institution to national and international strategies, must follow suit.

Aspects of Technology in Learning

Scotland's National Learning Platform

The world's first national learning and collaborative platform was Glow, a project that John Connell led from inception to early implementation. Now in its third iteration, we are once again involved in promoting Glow to Scottish schools.


Mobile devices offer access to digital learning across the globe, sometimes through choice, often through necessity. Some blog on mobile learning: M-Learning Goes Mainstream & Mobile Learning: the state of play & Reading in the Mobile Era

Digital Devices

The variety and potential of the full range of digital devices is now greater than ever. We still use laptops and desktops, of course, but we can now exploit the particular possibilities of small-form devices, from smart phones, to gaming devices, to tablets as well as others such as ChromeBooks and hybrid devices.

Education & the Internet

The Internet is the greatest disruptor in the history of human society. It is the ultimate Disruption Machine. This global mesh of interconnected networks, devices and services is now the platform upon which much of our collective social, economic and political activity takes place, including Education!

John Dewey

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

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