Iris Connect Partner in Scotland

What is IRIS Connect?

IRIS Connect is more than simply a technology. It is a powerful, yet simple to use, platform that enables teachers to take control of their own professional learning. Teachers can choose when (and if) they wish to record their teaching, and they can choose to reflect on their practice privately or share it with colleagues (or more widely). IRIS Connect makes teacher professional learning an integral part of their daily practice.

What is IRIS Connect able to do?

  • Capture teaching and classroom interactions
  • Auto-upload of videos approved by the teacher
  • Review and annotate each video on the timeline
  • Secure personal platform for each teacher, controlled by the teacher
  • The teacher decides if, when and with whom to share their practice
  • Live in-ear coaching via LiveView
  • Dual view of teacher and class via Discovery Kit
  • Powerful collaboration through Groups

Scottish Education Challenges

Scottish education is seeking real change and improvement through a number of major national initiatives, and our teachers are facing up to the challenges being raised. IRIS Connect is the perfect tool to empower Scottish teachers to nurture and develop their own professional practice through reflection, through sharing (where desired) and, when a teacher wants it, through live mentoring and coaching without the distraction of another physical presence in the classroom.

IRIS Connect can play a powerful role in meeting many recommendations and requirements of (amongst others):

  • The Scottish Attainment Challenge
  • Teaching Scotland's Future (The Donaldson Report)
  • How Good is Our School (HGIOS)
  • GTCS Professional Update
    • Knowing ourselves inside out through teacher self-evaluation
    • Teachers developing skills as 'enquiring professionals'
    • Fostering active involvement of children & young people in their learning
    • Cultivating & encouraging flexibility
    • Professional review and development & professional update process
    • Teacher mentoring beyond induction
    • Continual development of skills & competencies
    • Planning / evaluating CPD directly re impact on children’s progress & achievements

    Teacher Autonomy

    IRIS Connect's secure online platform has been designed and built around the individual teacher. Every single decision about how, when and if to use the technology and the platform is for each individual teacher to make as an autonomous professional.

    IRIS Connect is sold to schools and other educational institutions on the explicit understanding that it will NOT be used as a top-down management tool by school leaders. Teachers retain their autonomy on the platform at all times and only they can decide whether or not to record their teaching, and whether or not to share their reflections with their peers or with wider groups of colleagues.

    IRIS Connect has developed a protocol with the NASUWT in England that enshrines teacher professionism and autonomy in the use and management of this technology at all times. We hope to pursue similar discussions over time with the teaching unions in Scotland.

    Using IRIS Connect

    IRIS Connect is already being used in 20% of all secondary schools in England & Wales.

    Some 1700 institutions altogether currently enjoy the benefits of IRIS Connect.

    Teachers are currently uploading more than 1500 reflections (ie videos) per day to the IRIS Connect servers.

    Every single one of those videos is secure and only the teacher who uplaods is able to decide who can view.

    There are currently approaching 40,000 individual users of IRIS Connect, across 15 countries.

    89% of teachers actively using IRIS Connect feel that there has been a positive effect on collaboration in their schools.

    Research Base

    IRIS Connect grew out of decades of educational research shows that traditional forms of professional development are ineffective at improving outcomes for teachers and students. To learn, develop and embed new practices, teachers need to be able to engage with all of the components of effective adult learning; from access to theory, to feedback and coaching.

    Our research-led video platform makes it affordable and scalable to access all the activities shown by research to improve classroom practice.

    The strong research base can be viewed here:

    Research on Effective Professional Development & on IRIS Connect

    Case Studies

    For more case studies go to the IRIS Connect website.

    Teaching IS Learning

    Free consultancy programme

    Through our FREE consultancy programme, Teaching is Learning (TisL), we will help you to achieve scalable and sustainable change.

    Professional Learning Culture

    When you join our community, we’ll work with you to introduce and embed the use of video as part of your professional learning culture. Your local Teaching is Learning consultant will help you to create a plan for achieving your goals with IRIS Connect.

    Impact & Outcomes

    Ultimately, it’s about ensuring you see an impact on outcomes and a return on your investment.

    What is the Teaching is Learning Programme?

    Your FREE bespoke training, consultancy and development programme agreed between the school and us to ensure successful take up of IRIS Connect over the 3 year licence period.

    A structured plan built on feedback from over 1,700 schools and the latest change management practices

    A model to engage staff with change, using internal assets to drive the adoption of IRIS Connect

    A methodology to make objectives relevant, specific and measurable to ensure every school can ensure that its investment will have impact on teaching and learning.


    "If you want to develop and become a better teacher, then IRIS Connect is dynamite."

    Testimonial Matthew McDonald
    Matthew McDonald
    Director of Learning & Teaching at WCAT

    "It’s been the greatest CPD tool I’ve come across during the 11 years of my career. I sincerely believe that it’s the future."

    Testimonial Anna Ellis
    Anna Ellis
    English Teacher, Whitcliffe Mount

    IRIS Connect on Video

    Go to the IRIS Connect Channel on YouTube to view these and other videos that explain the benefits of the platform and the technology.

    Video requires Flash enabled to play.

    Video requires Flash enabled to play.

    IRIS Connect Code of Practice

    The IRIS Connect system is designed for professional development and uses video and audio recordings to enable teacher reflection and collaboration. At the very heart of IRIS Connect is the precious concept of teacher autonomy - every teacher must be accorded the professional respect to manage and sustain their own continued learning and development as teachers. Across the IRIS Connect learning community, we recognise the need for a shared understanding of what the system is for and how it will be used. These include, for example:

    For more information go to the IRIS Connect website.

    • For personal reflection, collaboration, coaching & enquiry learning
    • Remains under the control of the teacher at all times
    • IRIS Connect will not be used for surveillance
    • All individual users of IRIS Connect have responsibility to ensure they receive appropriate training
    • Other uses of IRIS Connect will be with full agreement with colleagues
    • All individual users of Iris Connect have responsibility to protect their own and others' data

    "IRIS Connect has enabled us to accelerate the impact of already powerful learning interventions and has resulted in unprecedented progress for our previously ‘stuck and stalled’ learners”.

    Debbie Jones Inclusion Manager, Westfields Junior School