We Are All Learners!

Learning & Teaching

We help governments, organizations and institutions come to terms with the distinctive demands of a modern education. In this changing world, an education that is meaningful and relevant is a vital key to prosperity and well-being. We will advise and support clients to foster an education fit for the 21st century.

University of the Future

Higher Education is at a critical juncture across the world. We help universities, governments and business understand the pressures playing on the sector at the present time, and to meet the challenges resulting from change. Questions are being asked of the traditional model of the university - we can help answer some of those questions.

Glow in Scotland

John initiated and led Glow, delivering the world's first national schools' learning and collaborative platform, from inception through consultation, design, procurement and early implementation. Today I Am Learner works with schools & local authorities across Scotland to promote the benefits of the current version of Glow.

Transforming Education

Today's Learners

Easy access to knowledge has reshaped the traditional relationship between teacher and student. Today the best teachers say: "We are all learners now; let's learn together."

National Education Strategy

John has supported governments across the world to shape national strategies for education (Kuwait, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Morocco and others).

Harmonizing Education & Technology

The digital technologies have transformed the landscape of education. I Am Learner will help you map and make sense of the new landscape.

Pedagogy in the University

University students across the globe are demanding higher quality teaching. John has worked with UNESCO to look at the need for improved teaching skills and new pedagogies in the sector.

Social Media in Education

We will help you harness the power of social media in the classroom. Read some blog posts discussing aspects of social media in education.

Education: a Humanity

Education is fundamentally a humanity, not a science. It seeks insights from across all disciplines. Read: Education: an ever-swirling vortex of ideas & The Learning Society

Teacher Self-Reflection

It is incumbent on all good teachers to strive continually to improve their skills and their knowledge of how we learn. Read the blog post: The Reflective Teacher as Reflective Learner

Rabindranath Tagore

Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.

I Am Learner