Education for Development

Educating the World

John has worked with clients on every continent to develop innovative 21st Century pedagogies, across every sectors and at all levels, from the classroom to Ministries of Education. He has developed white papers, delivered keynotes and workshops, carried out research and offered advice and consultancy across education and technology.

Teacher Education

Specialists in teacher education and teacher professional development. Research into teacher education across the developing world for the Maitri Trust, and into developing teaching competences in university faculty for UNESCO. We partner with IRIS Connect, the leading video-based platform for teacher self-reflection

Leadership in Education

We work with education leaders at national, local and institutional levels to develop their own leadership skills as well as the leadership qualities of teachers and students. John will deliver a keynote in August 2016 at the annual gathering of sponsors and partners for the Columba Leadership project in South Africa.

Education for Transformation

Mobile Learning

Massive potential growth in mobile learning in the next few years, especially across the developing world. Blog post: Mobile Learning: the state of play

Education for All

John has worked in support of UNESCO's drive towards Education for All with many countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, often in-country.

Educational of Girls

The single greatest positive influence on child health in the developing world is to ensure the education of girls.

Social Media in Education

John has delivered workshops on social media - for example, to university CTOs in South Africa & to aspiring teachers in Costa Rica.

UNESCO & Teacher Education

John has worked extensively with UNESCO on the 'China Funds in Trust' Project designed to improve the quality and capacity of teacher education across Sub-Saharan Africa.

We Need Teachers!

John carried out research into the state of play in teacher education across the developing world (South Africa, Nepal, Cambodia, India, & others) on behalf of the Maitri Trust (Edinburgh).

Liberian Education

John visited the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute in Liberia to advise them on reviving teacher education after the devastation of the civil war there.

Future of Higher Education

The traditional Western university is often not the ideal model for promoting higher education across the developing world. I Am Learner advises governments and universities on this rapidly shifting landscape.

Herbert Spencer

The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.

I Am Learner